Smart Transportation - Autonomous Driving The service system of smart transportation products of Luokung is based on the concept that "The Future Mobility is mutual communication and coordination between smart vehicles and smart roads ".

Vehicle side

Luokung supports eMapgo's position as a leading HD Map provider with continued investment in its technology R&D in the fields of autonomous driving data services, simulation services and full-cognition AI services to optimize, deepen, and expand services for OEMs and Tier1 autonomous driving suppliers. eMapgo will continue to play an active leading role in industry standards establishment in the near future to better serve the industry development after successfully leading the formulation of standards for "Autonomous Driving HD Map Collection Element Model and Interaction Format". This is not only a testament of the industry's trust and recognition of eMapgo's capabilities, intellectual contributions and experience in autonomous driving HD Map related data services, but also reflects our social and industry responsibility as the industry leader.

Road side

We actively promote smart road services based on its spatial-temporal digital base, including but not limited to HD Map-based smart road AI digital base, 24/7 road hazard awareness, severe weather and other road information data perception service systems and smart management platforms, assisting expressway operators realize more efficient, safe and economical digital operation. With simultaneous vehicle-to-road data communications, vehicles digitally receive front roadside information that affects safety, convenience, and comfort in real time, strengthening the safety and high capability of expressway, and forming a vehicle-to-road safety mobility. We provided similar smart digital services for China's new generation smart transportation demonstration project-Changjiu Expressway, a project that showcases our respected position in the field of smart highways.
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