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News and Events Jul 19, 2022

SuperEngine was selected into the "China Digital Twin City Technology Providers" industry map in IDC report

Recently, IDC released the report "China Digital Twin City Market Analysis, 2021". International Data Corporation (IDC) as the world's leading service provider offers market intelligence and consulting services for information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. Based on the deep insights into digital twin technology and solid research on main providers in the market, IDC has elaborated the basic structure, key technologies, and application scenarios of digital twin city in China. Further, current development status, industry ecology, market operation mode, market changes, main problems and challenges of China's digital twin city market are analyzed and explained in depth in the report as well.

According to the research, the digital twin city market as a government and policies dominated market is mainly driven by smart city and business-oriented projects. The platform layer market including segments such as simulation deduction, visualization, interactive control, and urban information model is the core of the industry. At present, each segment reaches "billion" level of market size. Revenue growth rates of relative companies are generally over 50%. IDC expects that the whole market will maintain a relatively good growth trend in 2022 .SuperEngine was selected into the China Digital Twin City Technology Providers industry map in IDC report

SuperEngine (logo version 2021) is marked in the key industry map of “China Digital Twin City Technology Providers” reported by IDC

SuperEngine as a leading spatial-temporal big data service provider plays a critical role in the platform layer. In IDC report, it was selected into the industry map of “China Digital Twin City Technology Provider”. Backed by the cutting-edge spatial-temporal technology and 1000+fold level data publish, analysis capability, SuperEngine provides strong support for the digital twin with real-time fusion perception. At the same time, Super Engine has built a PaaS & SaaS level service system supporting rapid publish, efficient management, and intelligent applications of spatial-temporal data to provide a multi-source spatial-temporal digital base for government and enterprises, which composes “high resolution remote sensing image × vector map × GNSS”. It has been successfully applied in several industries such as satellite remote sensing,natural resources management, smart highways, smart agriculture, electric energy, and other critical industries. It also serve emerging fields such as IoV(internet of vehicles), autonomous driving, digital twins, and smart cities as underlying engine.

High-Performance Fusion Perception Engine 

Spatial-Temporal Underlying Architecture of Digital Twin

With continuous breakthroughs in last decade, SuperEngine has made systematic innovations in computer systems and spatial-temporal data management. Empowered by the spatial-temporal data indexing cloud global patent technology, SuperEngine realizes world-leading data processing, distribution and analysis performance, which is improved by 1000+fold compared with traditional methods.SuperEngine was selected into the China Digital Twin City Technology Providers industry map in IDC report

PaaS Engine is the core technology of SuperEngine Digital Base

Empowered by the core technology, SuperEngine has independently developed the SuperEngine Image Cloud, SuperEngine Map Cloud, and SuperScylla Spatial-Temporal Database to better serve satellite remote sensing images, vector/high definition maps, and IoV(Internet of Things) industries. Supported by the Spatial-Temporal Image Cloud Platform and the core middle-layer high-performance fusion perception engine, a comprehensive multi-source data processing, management and publish system with capability of precise corresponding between digital twin world and physical entity is established to provide leading PaaS and SaaS services to the industries. In the new era of earth observation, commercial aerospace, IoV and satellite Internet, SuperEngine is creating the critical competitiveness for the industry with it’s intelligent capabilities  of fusion perception and intelligent cognition. SuperEngine was selected into the China Digital Twin City Technology Providers industry map in IDC report

In the report, IDC believes that a digital twin city should at least include: the entity of the physical space, the digital entity in the twin space and the data interaction between the physical digital space; Also, it should featured with: “the corresponding between physical and digital entity”, “real-time interaction of physical and digital space” and “full life cycle management of urban elements”. | IDC "China Digital Twin City Market Analysis, 2021" report

SuperEngine Real-Time Satellite Remote Sensing PaaS-SaaS Service

From The Critical Junction Of Commercial Aerospace To The Intelligent Carbon Sink Monitoring Of Terrestrial Ecological

The era of “Spatial-Temporal Big Data” is led by the continuous development of earth observation system construction and the significant improvement in revisit rate of satellites. Remote sensing images are delivered to the ground "all-day, all-weather" to provide information based on the comparison of the changes of ground objects in different phases to deal with climate change, disasters and ecological changes. With the concept of "software defines satellites", a satellite remote sensing industry based digital twin has gradually formed, which brings huge challenges on the software infrastructure connecting the upstream and downstream of the industry.

The upstream is oriented to the satellite earth observation network that continuously obtains remote sensing data, the downstream is oriented to machine learning, algorithms and multi-industry applications. SuperEngine launched the "remote sensing spatial-temporal data flow" to realize real-time multi-source satellite data docking within the whole industry. As a high automated, compatible and efficient data management application model with PB level of data distribution and dynamic processing capability, the "remote sensing spatial-temporal data flow" is designed for rapid presentation of remote sensing image graphic features and dynamic compatible with intelligent algorithms. Also, through the innovative distributed storage and logically integrated simplified management, it brings the satellite remote sensing application to the higher automated and digitized level in the carbon sink monitoring, disaster monitoring, meteorological observation and other fields.SuperEngine was selected into the China Digital Twin City Technology Providers industry map in IDC report

Luokung Data Business Ecology

Backed by the real-time satellite remote sensing PaaS-SaaS services, SuperEngine realizes comprehensive, automated and intelligent data sharing, publish, computing and AI interpretation, supporting administrative sectors achieve higher efficiency of ecological resource census, ecological red line monitoring and land utilization monitoring. High-resolution remote sensing and RADAR image integration technology is also utilized in high precision forest extraction, forestry stocks estimation and carbon storage calculation, as well as basic ESG spatial-temporal data services for enterprises and organizations.SuperEngine was selected into the China Digital Twin City Technology Providers industry map in IDC report

Luokung remote sensing adopts supervised classification, based on the 1-meter resolution remote sensing data of Gaofen-2, the land coverage of 750 square kilometers in Shanxi|Luokung Technology Corp.

Jia Yunxuan, analyst of IDC China Government Industry and Smart City Research Group, said: "With the continuous advancement of China's urbanization process and the country's increasing requirements for higher modernization level of governance capabilities, applications of new technologies applied in urban governance is becoming more and more abundant. Digital twin as a brand-new technical concept with the feature of real-time integration and interaction of physical and digital entity is of great value for urban governance in the new era. According to the IDC research,  the concept of digital twin city is gradually coming into reality, which brings a broad prospect to the relevant markets.”

With the further development of the digital twin industry, geometric growth of data is coming with the increase volume of 3D content and spatial-temporal dynamic data. Taking the spatial-temporal technology as the starting point, Super Engine is promoting the deeper integration of it’s Index Cloud and the industry infrastructure layer to provide integrated and comprehensive solutions, including but not limited to CPU chips, operation system and applications. SuperEngine is going to play an more important role in the near future with eventual vision of building a real-time, intelligent and multi-dimensional digital twin world.