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Vision and Position To provide the most efficient and dependable spatial-Temporal data services worldwide.
Corporate Profile Luokung Technology Corp. is a leading spatial-temporal intelligent big data services company, as well as a leading provider of LBS and HD Maps for various industries in China. Backed by its proprietary technologies and expertise in HD Maps and multi-sourced intelligent spatial-temporal big data, Luokung established city-level and industry-level holographic spatial-temporal digital twin systems and actively serves industries including smart transportation (autonomous driving, smart highway and vehicle-road collaboration), natural resource asset management (carbon neutral and environmental protection remote sensing data service), and LBS smart industry applications (mobile Internet LBS, smart travel, smart logistics, new infrastructure, smart cities, emergency rescue, among others).
Social Responsibility Protect the Beautiful World with Spatial-Temporal Intelligent Data
  • Data Security

    Intelligent Spatial-Temporal Index, Data Security Assurance View Details
  • Combat Climate Change

    Efficient Spatial-Temporal Framework, Global Ecological Protection View Details
  • Development of Industry Standards

    Pioneering Spatial-Temporal Technology, Guarding Industry Standards View Details
  • Global Anti-epidemic

    Massive Spatial-Temporal Sharing, Construction of a Healthy Society View Details
  • Smart Transportation, Safe Mobility

    Precise Spatial-Temporal Technology, Personal Safety Protection View Details


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    We advocate a diversified open culture and strive to build diversified open spatial-Temporal industrial ecosystem