Social Responsibility

Protect the Beautiful World with Spatial-Temporal Intelligent Data

Data Security

Intelligent Spatial-Temporal Index, Data Security Assurance

As a data service provider, Luokung attaches great importance to customer data privacy and data security. Adhering to the principle of "regulatory compliance and full protection of privacy", Luokung strives to ensure the security and compliance of data services through continuous technological innovation while protecting the data rights of clients.

Our Technology

Luokung's B2B business model includes Spatial-Temporal big data related PaaS (Platform as a Service), DaaS (Data as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service) services . including:,

1. Hybrid cloud solutions that support the private deployment of all customer service data in an intranet environment to maximize data security.

2. "Dual-data engine" service system supports simultaneous deployment of public and private cloud. With SuperEngine index cloud service technology, the integration of data extracted from both public and private cloud is enabled to provide external data service with no private data leakage.。

3. Augmented geographic information data security solution is supported by block-chain technology in processes of spatial temporal data collection, storage, calculation, application and others.

Combat Climate Change

Efficient Spatial-Temporal Framework, Global Ecological Protection

Spatial-Temporal big data plays a critical role in quantitative monitoring of "carbon neutrality". Luokung realizes intelligent data management and application of natural resources in fields including, but not limited to, carbon sink measurement and natural disaster response, on top of multivariate data integration based on remote sensing satellites, IoT, and HD Maps.

At the same time, Luokung actively advocates green mobility and promote zero carbon emissions by actively serving smart mobility of EVs.

Development of Industry Standards

Pioneering Spatial-Temporal Technology, Guarding Industry Standards

Luokung and its affiliates possess a number of global and domestic patents in the specialized fields of HD Map production and Spatial-Temporal data computing. With this effort, the company has led the research, preparation, formulation, and implementation of several significant industry standards successfully in area of autopilot HD Map and auto valet parking, This is of paramount importance for systematic industry standards development. In the future, Luokung will make unremitting efforts to establish unified data standard ,enhance high-quality development and build the underlying support and framework for the spatial-Temporal data industry.

Luokung actively cooperates with other institutions to explore standardized vehicle-road collaboration.

Global Anti-epidemic

Massive Spatial-Temporal Sharing, Construction of a Healthy Society

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Luokung provided COVID-19 mapping, COVID-19 monitoring app, and a Spatial-Temporal management system free of charge to guide citizens preventing COVID-19 contagion and promoting the resumption of work and production based on its full-vector non-tile map technology. Under the "new normal" in the post-COVID-19 era,Luokung makes significant contribution to establish an healthy society with the compelling capabilities of highly efficient and synchronous sharing of massive Spatial-Temporal data, enabling real-time and uninterrupted spatial-temporal information communications between people.

Smart Transportation, Safe Mobility

Precise Spatial-Temporal Technology, Personal Safety Protection

Luokung believes mobility safety is closely related to the happiness of countless families. To building the lane-level digital twin of expressways, Luokung has launched a 24/7 road hazard awareness system and severe weather awareness system that support millisecond-level update and advanced alert related to road and traffic conditions, which protecting drivers with comprehensive awareness against the dangers of imminent risks.

Luokung is committed to protecting lives and building a Spatial-Temporal intelligent life through the deep integration of Spatial-Temporal technology and transportation.